Interviews All Done

I have 3 interviews done for my Graded Unit and i need to edit them but unfortunatly we are in the middle of the Easter Break and i can’t get into the college to use the software for editing them.

Interview 1 was with a lady that runs a smoking cessation group.

Interview 2 was with Dr Roy Robertson

Interview 3 was with Christine McLaughlin a hypnothrapist.

i got 3 really good interviews from the aforementioned people and will have enough audio to work with for the 6-8 minute package, however i have still to interview my wife and i think this is a very important part of this package as her audio will hopefully tie all this package together.

i am very keen to begin the audio from my interviewees with Dr Robertson, then my wife, then the smoking cessation lady, then Christine and finally Dr Robertsomn just to round it all off.

As this is for Radio 1’s Sunday Surgery i need to find a suitable piece (or pieces) of music to use as “bed music” and because it is for Radio 1 it needs to be quite fast paced and i am concerned about both things as i am not a listener of the radio station however i will listen to the stationa and Sunday Surgery to get an idea of what i need.


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