Music and SFX for my package

As my package is to be in the style of Radio 1’s Sunday Surgery i feel i am at a disadvantage as being 42 years of age it is not a radio station i am familiar with nowadays.

i need music to play on my package as “bed music” so i approaced Liam Tait one of my fellow classmates and asked his advice on what i should play, Liam is a young guy he likes his music and is very up to date on the latest singers and bands so i thought Liam would be best placed for this, he has been giving me ideas which is great and hopefully over the next day or so i will come to a final decision on what i will play.

As for SFX i think i should still go for a match being struck and someone taking a puff of a cigarette and then coughing violently just to use as an emphasising point.

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