Minutes of team meeting 24th April 2012

Jean Beattie took the minutes

Date: 24th April 2012 Time: 12.45 – 1.00 Room: Radio Studio Present: Barry, Maria, Steph, Lewis and Jean

Where we are all at: Barry – Editing his first interview today, but he has all three interviews. -He hopes to have all his interviews logged and edited by the end of the day. -Looking for bed music at the moment.

Lewis – Has an interview scheduled and has been doing a lot more research. -Has to email doctors for interviews.

Steph – Vox Pop arranged to do at a party this weekend, as a lot of them have applied to universities through UCAS -Interview arranged for next Friday (4th May). -Needs to phone guidance teacher for an interview, and to have to arranged for before next week. -Planning to email someone from a website providing personal statements for a certain amount of money and finished all pre-production work.

Maria – Lots of research completed. -Going to start scripting sometime this week. -Needs to send emails out for interviews. -Going to research blogs for an alcoholic. -Decided on bed music.

Jean – Needs to edit her 2 interviews and log them, hope to get that done by the end of this week. -Has one more interview arranged and waiting to hear back from two cancer survivors.

*Lewis asked how to script an email to a doctor and Steph gave him an example to use.

*Also Barry highlighted we only have 4 weeks to complete our whole 6-8 minute packages.


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