Health and Safety

Before I went to do my interviews I knew exactly where I was going and who I was meeting.

The doctor I interviewed has been a family doctor for over 20 years and the interview was conducted at the surgery that my family amd myself attend so I had no worries whatsoever about any Health and Safety issue, I ensured the equipment was in working order and fit for purpose which it was.

The lady from the smoking cessation group was someone who had ran a workshop that my wife had attended when she decided to give up smoking so I already knew the person, the interview was conducted in the ladys office so again no health and safety issues were relevant as I knew the person and the building where the interview was being held. The equipment I used was in full working condition and fit for purpose.

The third interview was with Christine who is a hypnotherapist and the interview was conducted at the City Art Centre which is where we both work so Health and Safety was not an issue here as we both know the building and procedures very well, again all equipment being used was checked and it was all fit for purpose.

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