Putting the package together

So putting the package together I was thinking of still opening up with someone lighting a cigarette, taking a puff and then coughing violently.

The presenter would the say “smoking we know it’s bad for you and people say you’ll feel better when you give up BUT does everyone really want to stop and if you do stop is it all a bed of roses”???….I would then play Dr Roberstons audio about “yes I think people do however” and then have him speak about issues giving up smoking including “ulcerative colitis” then have the presenter say something like “we spoke to someone who’s condition is linked to stopping smoking” Kerry then talks about her condition, then back to Dr Robertson to lead us into how to stop then the presenter introducing the cessation group lady interview after that speak to Christine about an alternative way to give up the Kerrys bit about how if she started smoking again her condition would clear up and then Dr Robertson finishing off with a “you may have problems but it’s better than cancer or heart disease” type phrase. And that is how I would like the package to run.

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