Script For Package

This is the script to my 6-8 minute Summative Graded Unit “Package”.

The Presenter was Allan Martin.

Bed Music:  Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis and Breathe by The Prodigy


“Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, everyone knows people should stop and they say it is all for your benefit.

What they don’t say is that when you stop smoking it might affect your health, issues could arise when you stop smoking especially long-term smokers.

But this should not deter you from giving up, and this next segment we give you includes what issues can arise but also where to go to get help to stop smoking and also some alternative views.”


We spoke to Dr Roy Robertson a doctor of many years from Edinburgh and asked him “do people really want to stop smoking”

Play Dr Robertson Audio Part 1

IN “I think people”

OUT “To Stay Off

We asked Dr Robertson what issues could people encounter when giving up smoking.

Play Dr Roy Robertson Audio Part 2

IN “There are many”

OUT “Giving Up Smoking”


Speaking of issues with stopping we chatted to someone who gave up smoking but then had major health issues here is Kerry who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Play Kerry Audio Part 1

IN “IN 1994 I”

OUT “Ulcerative Colitis Again”


Kerry then took us through what happened after the diagnosis

Play Kerry Audio Part 2

IN “Before Going Into”

OUT “Getting Ulcerative Colitis”


So we have had the medical and the personal opinion on the issues of giving up smoking but we know smoking is bad for you and you may have problems  when first giving up but where do you go if you want to stop, we now look at how to stop smoking and what options are out there, we spoke to a stop smoking advisor and asked what they do at a stop smoking group.

Play Smoking Cessation Audio 1

IN “Well it’s a support”

OUT “People Come Back”


So what can someone expect if it is their first time at a group session?

Play Smoking Cessation Audio 2

IN “If It’s a”

OUT “For Each Person”


So how long can someone expect to go to the sessions for and indeed how long does a course last for?

Play Smoking Cessation Audio 3

IN: “Each Session would”

OUT “Away you go”



So what about relapsing do people often fall into relapse?

Play smoking Group Audio 4

IN” Not everybody quite”

OUT “Work with us”


So what other help is out there for people who want to give up Dr Robertson tells us

IN “Nicotine Replacement Therapy”

OUT “The Acute Symptoms”


So what about alternative ways of quitting smoking we spoke to someone who offers such a service.

Play Christine Audio 1

IN “My name is”

OUT “Giving up smoking”


So how successful is Hypnotherapy in stopping smoking?

Play Christine Audio 2  

IN “Obviously there is”

OUT” Therapy to Work”


So what about aftercare from the sessions is that provided?

Play Christine Audio 3

IN “If they want”

OUT “Up session again”


So there you go, you want to stop, you might have issues but you can be helped through them but would going back to smoking be a good thing? Here Kerry tells us of a chat with her consultant.

IN” We both know”

OUT “Back to smoking”


In conclusion yes you may have issues but giving up smoking is still better in the long run and Dr Robertson certainly thinks so too.

Play Dr Roy Robertson End Audio

IN “Well I think”

OUT “40’s 50’s and 60’s”

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