The calm after the storm

So the graded unit is almost done and dusted some paperwork to do etc so a wee reflection on it from me.

Monday the day before the graded unit was mad folk running about everywhere getting stressed including me I was in such a foul mood on Monday even though I was pretty much ready for the following days show.

I had concerns that some may not have got their packages in on time and I expressed these concerns to the people in the group however I am very happy to say they proved me wrong and got the work done and damned fine jobs they done too, I am really proud of the way the group pulled together to get everything done in time and the 1 hour show went much much better than I think any of us had hoped.

During the 1 hour show we each took a turn in producing and presenting and helped each other immensly and I am so proud of Steph, Jean and Maria for the way they conducted themselves and kept in control the whole time yeah there were 1 or 2 slight hiccups but nothing that ruined anything and they were dealt with swiftly and professionally by the group and I am very very proud to say I was part of that group.

As a group I felt we worked together during the lead up to the show and indeed the show itself and I think the 4 of us deserve a massive pat on the back, also credit goes to Robyn Cooper for allowing us to use her package as we were 1 short as a member of our group had left college so a huge thanks to Robyn.

Also a big thanks to Christine Mcloughlin the hypnotherapist for taking time out of her day to be our live studio guest Jean and Steph done very well with their questions for Christine and indeed Christine remarked how well we had done and how much she enjoyed being a part of it all.

I think as a group we all had great input into it all and worked really well together, everyone knew what needed to be done and in my humble opinion it all worked brilliantly.



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