1 Hour Show Evaluation

 Barry’s 1 Hour Show Evaluation.


The 1 hour show that we had for our graded unit was quite an experience for me as the group decided to base it on BBC Radio 1’s Sunday Surgery a radio station and a show I am unfamiliar with as the target audience is 15-29 and I myself am 43 so was deeply concerned that I would not be able to do this show in the style it was intended for.

So my package was ready to go I had put it onto the system and awaited the others to do the same, and when the others were ready I helped them put theirs onto the system for our show. In between times I had created 2 stings and a sweep for our show the 2 stings using Jean Beattie’s voice and the sweep using Stephanie Drakes voice and as a group we decided they were good enough to be used in the show, the stings were just mentioning the show but the sweep mentioned our live studio guest (who we will get to later).

So all packages were on the system and we started to put the show together, Jean started writing a main script for the show which we all inputted into and also wrote our own individual scripts to fit in with the 1 hour show, we all got together and read over everything and the running order for the show was as follows:

Barry’s Package (smoking)

Jean’s Package (cancer)

Steph’s Package (stress in the student)

Robyn’s Package (stress moving from high school to college/uni)

Maria’s Package (student drinking)

So now that was sorted we needed to decide where to put sweeps, stings, jingles and music it was decided that for Jean, Steph and Maria’s show jingles and then we added Andi’s jingle as it fitted in with the target audience we were trying to reach, we then decided we would open the show with a sting and then I would introduce the show, overall subject matter and indeed the first package which was my package on smoking

Then we would play a sting and then Jean’s show jingle as Jean would be next up to speak and have her package played, however at the end of Jeans package the sweep which mentions the studio guest would be played because Jean would then have a discussion with the guest, then we would play a sting and play the song “We are young” by Fun.

Next we would play Steph’s Thursday show jingle as Steph would be next up to speak and have her package played then we would play Andi’s Level Up Jingle, then Steph’s sweep for the show introducing our guest and Steph would then have a discussion with our guest which would then be followed by Robyn Cooper’s package, once Robyn’s package was finished we had decided that we play Tulisa’s Play Young song then followed by a show sting and then Maria’s show jingle. At this point Maria would introduce her package and it would play out followed by Maria ending the show and introducing the final song David Guetta’s Titanium, then we would finish the show on a sweep or sting.

I then put together the playlist for the show all the packages, sweeps, stings, jingles and music in the order we agreed and uploaded it to the system for playout.

So we went into the studio about 15 minutes before the show was due to start and I had met our guest Christine McLoughlin and brought her to the studio, Christine agreed to be our guest as she is a hypnotherapist and we all felt she would be very relevant to our packages and indeed out show and on reflection I think as a group we made a great choice in getting Christine as our guest as she answered all the questions brilliantly and was I feel an important part of the show. I however did not ask any questions as I had used Christine in my package and thought it best to use Christine’s Q&A for the others and the group agreed to this.

So we checked all the equipment was working properly and we were ready to go, it was decided Jean would work the desk first when I was doing my stuff, then Steph would work the desk for Jean, then Maria for Steph and then myself for Maria, we all had copies of the script which included all our individual pieces because we did not want too many pieces of paper to get through, we gave Christine a script and went over exactly what we were doing and when Christine would come in on the 1 hour show.

In the 10 minute run up to the start of the show everyone was tense and nervous myself included however I managed to hide it as I knew the other 3 members of the team were really nervous and indeed frightened with what was about to happen, I took the opportunity to go round each of them and gave them all a little pep talk before we started as I felt being the oldest member of the team it was my responsibility to keep everyone calm, focussed and ready to go and I feel I managed that all the way through the whole hour.

I got myself ready at the microphone Jean got ready behind the desk and with a few last words of encouragement the show started, Jean got the timing of the opening spot on and away we went, I introduced the show, and the package was played we were off to a good start, so while my package was playing I moved away from the microphone to allow Jean to get ready for her bit and Steph got behind the desk to check Jean’s voice levels and get everything ready for the next segment, all the while we were communicating with each other and our guest making sure we were all ok and that the show was running to time, my package finished and Steph hit a sting and then played Jean’s show jingle exactly as we planned and Jean then came in to introduce her package, after Jean’s package had finished Steph hit the sweep which introduced our guest and Jean then had a Q&A with Christine, then Steph hit a sting and then played “We are young”.

While the song was playing Steph moved to the microphone and Maria moved behind the desk, but it seemed as soon as she got behind the desk she froze and asked me for help as she had forgotten how the desk worked so I calmly gave Maria a quick lesson on the desk and it soon came back to her how to use it, then the song finished and Steph’s show jingle was played, then Steph came in with her introduction and Steph’s package was played however unfortunately Maria asked me for more help and wanted the carts on semi-auto so I showed her how to do that and she then pointed at the screen forgetting it was a touch screen and a sweep started playing during Steph’s package and Maria started to panic a bit but i calmly told her “touch the screen again” which she done and the sweep stopped it played for a couple of seconds but we recovered well from the mistake and continued with the show

When that finished Andi’s level up jingle was played to give Steph time to compose herself as she was about to do a Q&A with Christine which I felt went well?

After the Q&A Maria then played Robyn’s package and when that finished Tulisa’s Play Young was played, it was at this point that we chatted and realised we were pretty much on time and yes one or two mis-haps had appeared but we were still in control of it all.

Maria then moved to the microphone and I moved behind the desk, I checked Maria’s levels and we were ready for the final segment of the show, Play Young finished and I then played a sting and then Maria’s show jingle, I then gave Maria the cue to start and she then introduced her package and then done the outro to the show, I then played Titanium and then with 3 seconds left of the show I hit a 3 second sting that brought as bang on the 1 hour and the show had ended.

A collective sigh of relief went round the room we had done it we got through without any major mistakes, mis-haps or hiccup’s and we were all very pleased it was over, we now waited for the instant feedback on it from our tutor and he told us it had went well, although we should have had more printed timings on the script so that everyone knew exactly where we were all the time because we had put a timing on our script for about halfway through whereas we should have had timings on every part of the script. We were told we had used our guest well and that everything was relevant that was asked and that there was no real issues during the show that were uncontrollable, we knew where we were time wise we tweaked things we needed to tweak things like putting a sting at the end of the show was only decided about 30 seconds before the end of the show, the mis-hap with Maria was dealt with rapidly and without fuss and I feel the show as a whole went quite well it wasn’t perfect not by any means however the good thing was it was not a disaster either and I think we can all be very proud of the work we put into it as a team.

The roles of presenter and producer were set out effectively and all uses of sweeps, stings, music and jingles were used well and not out of proportion to the show, as a team/group we kept each other aware of where we were and what we were doing and helped each other out where it was needed.

The negative things in the lead up to it all was that myself and Jean thought we would be the only ones in the group that would be ready to go as the lack of work from others was worrying and with one of the having already quit college we had to pull together to get it done.

I felt that the show would have worked on its intended radio station as it was decently paced not too fast that any messages were lost but also not too slow that people would get bored, also I think it would have appealed to the target audience as most of the packages were aimed solely at 15-29 year olds and that the music and stings/sweeps used were decently paced to justify this.

I felt that my own package was decently edited it was not perfect as at one part there was a dog barking in the background but I felt it was a good bit of audio from the smoking cessation lady and I did not want to lose it.

As a team I feel we worked together very well each of us knew our roles and responsibilities and I believe everyone done what was asked of them and done it well.

If I was to listen into this programme it probably would interest me because on listening back there was enough going on to keep the listener tuned in, decent packages, good use of sweeps, stings and jingles, good appropriate music and the overall topic was good.

I believe I planned well for my package and the 1 hour show, I made 2 stings and 1 sweep even though we were only supposed to make one but I felt they worked well, I gave many many people help to secure interviews, music and other things and I am glad I did even though I maybe should have stepped back a bit and left people to it.

However listening back i felt that for each of our introductions we could have used some bed music to emphasise we were doing it in the style of Radio 1 and also the same for when Jean and Steph were questioning Christine.

Overall I am pleased with firstly the work I put in and secondly the group as a whole for getting this all done and I think this is vindicated in the 1 hour show.

What is your view of your programme after it has been completed and finished?

I felt it went well apart from a couple of hiccups that were sorted, i feel it was well presented, the choice of music was suitable to the target audience and radio station and the use of stings and sweeps was done very well.

How effective do you think your approach/strategy was through all its stages i.e. the activities chosen, the planning and organization done?

To be honest i think my approach and strategy was not too bad throughout, i made the stings/sweeps off my own back and used Jean and Steph’s voices for the 3 of them, i added my introduction to the script, i had planned what i was going to say and i also had in my head how i would work the desk when it was my turn to do so, i believe i was the calmest in the group and kept everyopne else calm others however may see that differently.

How successful do you feel your programme was in the meeting its purpose?

I felt it was successful because the overall subject matter was health and all 5 packages were relevent to the overall subject and purpose of the 1 hour programme.

How successful do you feel your programme was in meeting its intended audience?

i feel it met it’s intended audience quite well with the choices of music, stings, sweeps and subject matter it was relevent for the radio station and target audience (radio 1 and target audience 15-29 years of age), i felt the pace was decent and again the use of the music etc was done pretty well, however i think we should have had some appropriate “bed music” under us when we were talking.

How appropriate do you feel your programme was in meeting the requirements for its selected station?

I think i met the requirements as i felt it was very relevent to the station itself and the target audience but also because there was nothing in the programme that should have offended anyone or breached BBC/OFCOM rules/regulations.

Desrcibe how the technical aspects of your programme supported and enhanced its intended effect.

With being familiar with the self drive i set-up the playlist and put the sweeps/stings in the order they were to be played in and also put the song we were playing in thier order on the playlist as well, when i was working the desk for one of the group i constantly studied the levels and adjusted the DB’s where needed and i believe all this made for a better performance from myself.

How appropriate was the music selected for your programme? Did it successfully achieve what you set out to do?

The music selected i feel was relevant to the show, the radio station and the target audience as it was all tracks that are in the top 40 at the moment the first two tracks We are Young by Fun, and Young by Tulisa were about young people who our show was aimed at, the last track Titanium was chosen because of the overall subject matter and sub-subjects Titanium seemed a perfect track to end the show on as i felt most of the packages were about overcoming issues and staying strong.

How did your editing descisions enhance the whole production?

to be honest the only part of the show i think i edited was actually saying to the group about putting a sweep in at the end to finish the show this was done about 1 minute before the end of the show

Describe the team-work involved in the whole production. What aspects of it do you feel helped the programme to be successful, and what aspects of it do you feel can be improved?

To be honest from the start of this whole process it was a bit of a joke, the “meetings” that were supposed to take place never really took place when they should have and when they did some folk seemed very dis-interested and i was getting very frustrated and concerned that there would be a distinct lack of packages for the 1 hour show, i brought up the fact that i felt folk were not pulling thier weight and were not really bothered about doing the work and this was met with derision which i found awful.

All through the process i was helping many of the others in the class because i had the vast majority of all my college work done and there were times i was left in limbo so i was helping others out but i have pretty much realised how unappreciative people are and now looking back on it i think it became expected of me to do it so the lesson i have learnt is just to concentrate on my own stuff and get all my work done before helping others but only then pick and choose who to help.

If i am brutally honest i would say Jean Beattie and myself done most of the work for the show as others were well behind with thier work and i really felt that it wuld have only been Jean and myself that were ready.

During the actual show the teamwork was decent enough i feel and i am not afraid to say i believe i was the calmest one out of us all and i was in my own humble view the persn that was constantly checking everyone was ok and staying calm.

Given the time over again i think i would have been more stern but being the oldest in the group by a good 20 years it would probably been perceived as bullying which is why i didn’t confront people as much as maybe i should have but it did not help that people were making excuses for others not getting their work done.

If you listened to this programme on the radio, what would be your reaction as a member of a typical audience?

I think my reaction would have been in the positive as i found the packages interesting however i think it would have maybe been of more interest to my 17 year old daughter due to the target audience and choice of music.

What changes or modifications did you make to your approach during the course of the activity? What other approaches did you consider?

It was a constant watch of the clock and keeping each other updated as to how we were doing not just in the show but also timekeeping as well, we put a couple of extra jingles in to mae up some time as we would maybe have run short if not and these worked well, also changing the script was done a couple of times during the show so that we were all on the same wavelength.

What aspects of your production skills would you concentrate on improving after critically evaluating your work? Justify your answer by referring to the programme. 

Personally i think we left everything to the lastminute to get it all organised, a date had been set for everyone to have thier packages done and the group agreed to this however it was not adhered to so instead of having all day monday to sit and get a script done it was all very last minute so the lesson here is to get others moving, however it didn’t affect the 1 hour show too much and i do not think it showed that we had only organised it all that day, if we had been the first group on we would have in my opinion failed.

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