1 Hour Show Script.

This is the Script for the 1 Hour Show


JINGLE – [Health Hour 1] [4 secs]



“Yes you are listening to Radio Wow and I am Barry Dickson. On today’s show we have 5 brilliant packages all about your health! We have a package about Smoking and the positives and negatives of stopping including some information about the health risks it can have on your body; Emotions in Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer to try and explain the emotional side of the horrible disease rather than the physical and medical side we so often hear about; we look at two packages examining stress one about the stress of moving from school to university and another about the stress students face which looks at how students cope with this sometimes overwhelming stress and what can be done to perhaps combat it and lastly alcoholism in students studying the perception that everyone knows students drink excessively but how dangerous and unhealthy it can get. Our special guest this week is Christine McLoughlin, a hypnotherapist from Edinburgh who uses hypnosis to help people through a range of different situations and emotions. She will be answering some of the questions you have emailed in to us.” [54 secs]


SWEEP – [Health Show 2] [3 secs]


Barry – “The opening package is about smoking but not the normal good v evil argument but what can possibly happen when you give up and what issues may occur but also where you can get help, I decided to do this as my package because I have experienced someone with major health issues after they stopped,  Allan Martin picks up the story.” [16 secs]


Smoking Package plays:

“Everyone knows…[Soft Break]…forties, fifties, sixties.”  [8 minutes]


JINGLE – [Steph Health Show Jingle] [6 secs][Soft Break]Jeans 3x Show Ident [26 SECS]


Jean – “Hi, my name is Jean Beattie and my package is about Emotions in Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer. I explored the emotional side of the deadly disease rather than focussing on the tough medicine they receive or how it affects your body physically. The emotional side of cancer treatment can sometimes be harder than the chemotherapy itself. Here we look at how teenagers and young adults cope.” [20 secs]


Emotions in Teenagers and Young Adults plays: [Soft Break]“Everyday 6 young…[Soft Break]…keep on survivin’! (Destinys Child)” [7 mins, 25 secs]


JINGLE [Steph Health Show Jingle] [6 secs]18 mins, 6 secs


Jean – “As the package said thanks to extensive research in the treatment of cancer, many more people are being treated and the cancer is beaten. Cancer is becoming more and more common in people of all age ranges and backgrounds but we are not victims of cancer, we are survivors! I decided to explore the emotional side of treatment because I am a cancer survivor myself and proud to call myself that. So if you know someone who has been diagnosed or just been diagnosed yourself don’t be scared and be positive. [25 secs][Soft Break]Now Christine I know you have recently attended a course on how to treat cancer patients, what did your course entail?

Do you see many cancer patients in your line of work?

Do you think more needs to be done to treat the emotional side of cancer treatment in teenagers and young adults?

Thank you and we will be hearing from you later in the show.” [16 secs]


SWEEP [Health Show 2] [3 secs]


Play We Are Young [4 mins, 9 secs]


Steph’s Thursday Jingle [11 secs]


Steph – “That was We Are Young by Fun. I’m Stephanie Drake. Stress is something that can affect all of us and when you’re a student there are many factors that can cause it. Being a student myself I know all about the stresses of student life and have had my fair share of worry. Something that can stress out students is the move to further education. There’s picking the right course, getting the right grades and the application itself. So how can we manage the stress of it all? Here we have two similar packages about how hard being a student can actually be and will tell us how we can make things just a little bit easier.” [26 secs]



Stephanies package plays:

“The number of…

..no that’s alright.“ [7 mins, 54 secs]


Andi’s Level Up [24 secs]


SWEEP [Stephs Health Show Jingle] [6 secs]

Steph – “Now Christine can you explain the difference between teenagers and adults and how they can cope with stress? Do you feel more needs to be done to combat stress in teenagers? What advice would you give our listeners on how to cope with stress?

Thank you for being on our show this week Christine.”


Robyn Cooper’s package plays:

“Eat chocolate…[Soft Break]…good, good night (Black Eyed Peas) “ [7 mins, 54 secs]


Play Young by Tulisa [3 mins, 34 secs]46 mins


SWEEP [Health Show 2] [3 secs]

Maria’s Jingle [20 secs]


Maria – “Hey I’m Maria MacMillan and my package is about student drinking. We all know the stereotypical student lifestyle of endless partying but we don’t hear about it going too far. And this is what I wanted to bring attention to with my package.” [19 secs]


Alcoholism in Students plays:

“Vox Pop…[Soft Break]…drink control you.” [8 mins]


“That was my package trying to highlight the issue of student alcohol dependency. I chose this topic as in research it came to light that most students my age don’t know their unit recommendation and a lot of them were drinking dangerous amounts without realising. When someone says the word alcoholic they think of someone older when actually these students are drinking the same amounts! [20 secs]


“Today we’ve seen that being young isn’t always easy. Many things can affect us just as much as older generations. Some issues like finding out you have cancer when you are young and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it, can be more serious. Then there are addictions like smoking and alcohol that can be extremely difficult to deal with. Even the stresses of student life can take its toll. The thing to remember from what we’ve looked at today is that there’s always help out there when you’re feeling low and even if the issue can’t be solved just having someone to talk to about how you’re feeling can make all the difference.


This is the end of our show today, thank you for listening to the Radio Wow Health Hour. And to play us out is David Guetta with Titanium.” [37 secs]


Play David Guetta – Titanium [3 mins, 58 secs]1 Hour + couple secs



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