One Year Ago

Just sitting thinking that it was a year ago I started my HNC in Radio Broadcasting course at Telford College.

I passed the course got the HNC and got an A for my graded unit which was done alongside Jean Beattie, Maria McMillan and Stephanie Drake and a massive help from our guest Christine Mclaughlin.

So what’s happened since then?? Well loads to be honest I have not stopped since I finished college a lot of time has been spent doing articles for the Edinburgh Reporter an online newspaper and through this I got to meet 2 of my idols comedians Tim Vine and Stewart Francis when I reviewed their shows during the festival.

I have also made friends with some of the bands/singers I gave airtime and interviewed on Radio Wow The Asps, Friends of Emmet, Les Marionettes, A Friend in London to name a few indeed I was honoured to be asked if I would be The Asps P.R person.

I have recently started my own show on Black Diamond FM a community radio station in Scotland it is voluntary so I earn no money from it but it doesn’t matter because I am doing it because I love it don’t get me wrong if I was to be offered a paid job on radio I’d jump at it but at 43 years of age I feel I am too late to make a proper radio career for myself but I am happy with things as they are and have indeed been asked to do a 3 hour rock show every 2nd Friday too.

A lot of this would not have been possible without the love, support and encouragement of Kerry, Robyn, Blaine and Cobi and for that I will be forever grateful.

Also the following folk were instrumental in getting me through a lot of it too:

Dawn Day, Stewart Gibson, Kenny Murphy, Marie Kelly, Carol Foster, John McAuley, Jill McLauchlin, Elizabeth James, Suzie Marshall, Linda Gibson, Gaz, Lora Grant, Laura Delgado, Monica Yanez, Martin Ward, Sue Andre, Lesley Ross and the Hard Rock Gang, Pj Dourley, Michael Barry, Graeme Renwick, Craig Renwick, Chris Simpson, Lewis Hutchison, Ger Eaton, Keith Geraghty, Tim Schou, Lisa McGlynn, Euan Weddell, Den Ashby, Rich Owen, Johnny Westhead, Conor Wright, Robyn Cooper, Andi Lyon, Jean Beattie, Stephanie Drake, Maria Mcmillan, Hassan Noori, Allan Martin James Walker, Mica Preston, Liam Tait, Caelaiin Rafferty, Julie Tumilson, Ben Montague, Stuart Barrie, Jim Gellatly, Colin Kelly, Scott Wilson, David Treasurer, Brian John, Geoff Ruderham, Aydan Butt, Chris Mackrell

Everyone who listened into my shows at Radio Wow and listen to me now on Black Diamond

If there is anyone I have missed I apologise here and now but know that you are appreciated by me.

The past year has been one of the greatest in my life and I am just sorry I didn’t find this course until now.

You can listen into me on
Mondays 6-8pm UK Time

And every second Friday from 5th October 8-11pm on the Friday Rock Show

In closing I will give this piece of advice:

I was unsure about applying for the course however I went for it and have not looked back since if you want to do something go for it because you may end up regretting it so take that brave step because you never know where it may lead and good luck if you do go for your dream for I am living mine right now and hopefully will be for a very very long time.


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago

  1. Brilliant blog Bazza! And thanks for the wee mentions! I don’t think I could have gotten through the course without you and a couple other people. I always remember you telling me that I was one of the most mature and well brought up 19 year old you’d met and that I was different from the rest of the class. That really stuck with me, thanks! 🙂

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