College Aftermath

After the work was done and everything was settled I had passed the course and got an A in my graded unit which obviously I was chuffed about and all the hard work I had put into the course had paid off.

But the 10 months spent at college were not without their issues, being the oldest on the course by a considerable amount I found myself astonished by how education has changed over the many many years since I left school back in the mid 80’s, sometimes a distinct lack of respect for the coursework or the tutor had me sometimes wondering what was going on because let’s face it when I was being educated if you stepped out of line or indeed disrespected the teacher/tutor you were punished sometimes very severely and I must admit I was left aghast sometimes at the way the tutor was treated.

I was there everyday the course was on except near the beginning when I was on holiday which had been booked before I got on the course and again I was astonished at the amount of classes/tutorials that people missed but was accepted as normal behaviour and to this day I still shake my head at it.

I enjoyed being with some of the people on the course and indeed keep in regular contact with some of them and I like to know how they have progressed since we finished back in June.

Doing the course gave me back my love of music because I had kind of fell out of love with music but doing the course and the shows gave me something back.

I have now managed to get into a radio station and have 2 shows running at the moment one is a new music show and the other is a 3 hour rock show however I will be losing the new music one soon as it is aimed at a younger audience (16-25) and as Andi would say I’m an old man and that show needs someone of the above age range as it is pretty much chart stuff as opposed to the stuff I do which is giving new artists/bands airtime they don’t get, however I am not angry or disappointed at losing that show because them’s the rules as they say.

My hope for the future would obviously be to get a paid job in radio (I do it voluntary just now) however I am very happy doing what I am doing with Black Diamond and would happily spend my radio life there and I will be forever grateful for them giving me an outlet for one of my biggest loves………MUSIC.


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