Radio Thoughts

Ok so I’ve not blogged for ages so forgive me if this is a mess.

I probably wont endear myself to many radio people with this blog but something written by a gentleman in radio that I look up to wrote something today and it got me thinking.

When I was doing the radio broadcasting course the best part was doing actual broadcasts I enjoyed every minute of every show I presented at college and from the feedback I got from people who were listening they enjoyed it too and now that I have moved onto community radio I still get the thrill of doing shows and people still listen which is a good thing.

However I see it as a hobby and indeed a hobby that I enjoy, to quote the lead singer from Faithless “this is my church this is where I heal my hurt” and indeed It does and has done even in the most strenuous circumstances because college was no breeze there were things in my personal life that happened during my time there that were very taxing and stressful indeed but getting behind that mic to play music and chat was a great outlet for it and indeed still is.

BUT there is always a BUT, ideally I would love to have a full time job in radio broadcasting and believe me I have tried I have sent out demos to stations in Scotland and I am the first to admit I am awful at demos I just cant do false broadcasting I overthink it and it ends up a mess I much prefer doing a live show and then maybe cut it down too 5 minutes of the best of that show however sometimes its just plain bloody awful, but getting back to the demos I have had responses from some of the best broadcasters out there comments ranging from “you need to work on X,Y or Z” to “if I was running a station i’d give you a job” and all comments, criticism, feedback is always welcomed but I figure at 44 years of age my chance has gone I am too late to the game, but when you work hard at what you do and you put the effort into sending out demos the least you should expect is a reply even if it is a plain “No” at least it is a reply, some stations have been great giving good feedback and tips or even giving contacts of other people who would maybe have a gap that you could fill ad some of the responses have been the same sorry we have no jobs at the moment which is cool good to get a reply then there are those that don’t even acknowledge that you have taken the time and effort to send something in, I have sent around 4 demos to one in particular and not had one response even though the person that they were sent to categorically stated “send me demos I will listen and get back to you” but the person never has and not just with me I had a discussion with someone I went to college with and they said the same but don’t let that discourage you keep trying but as I said earlier I think I have missed that particular bus.

Another thing that I had noticed recently and this brings me back to my original subject was that 2 people who already have jobs in the media have been given a slot on radio stations and fair play to them but I feel that maybe that gap could be filled by some new blood I have been lucky to meet and get to know a lot of people in radio and also people who would love to be in radio I have met some very talented people who just cant get that lucky break to get a paid job in radio and these people have many many years ahead of them and it got me wondering about future radio broadcasters because I feel that sometimes radio plays it too safe and gets in well know names instead of taking that little chance with someone new who may just be a little diamond in the rough.
I love what I do on community radio but im pretty much resigned to the fact that it will probably stay as it is a hobby and nothing more but that’s life and i’ll keep doing the best I can to entertain whoever cares to tune in when I am on but I will fiercely encourage anyone that when they leave college if they are not already with a station of any sort to get to their local community station and keep plugging away with demos etc and hopefully the hard work and dedication will pay off for you.

Please feel free to comment and thanks for reading.

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