U2 Back on Track?

So a new U2 tune called Invisible has been released on iTunes its free for 24 hours from Sunday 2nd February, on first listen it was OK nothing to write home about (given I’m writing about it that sounds daft) but I’ve listened to it quite a number of times now and it is a grower that’s for sure.

I’m finding it a cross between former number one for U2 Beautiful Day and something maybe the brilliant Vince Clarke or Martin L Gore would put together, the song starts with a building electronic beat and sounds like Larry Mullen has been taking lessons from Kraftwerk the way the electronic drums are beating.

The song has a strong bassline from Adam Clayton and The Edge’s now often used “chiming” guitar sound and Bono’s voice is decent enough but has been better that’s for sure but very small parts of his voice hark back to The Unforgettable Fire days if you really listen close enough.

Of course the song is for Red the aids awareness charity Bono champions quite often and for every download one dollar is donated to Red by the Bank of America, now I have been massive critic of Bono’s charity work/battle/crusade call out what you will and I have had many “discussions” about it with fellow U2 fans and those who don’t like U2 and its surprising how many people don’t like U2 simply because of the singer and admittedly when Bono starts his what some see (including myself) as preaching from the stage I head for the bar or the toilet not because I don’t have a heart or conscience but because I go to gigs to get away from everything that’s wrong in the world and in my life (which can sometimes be plenty) and I’m hoping for any tour they go on that is kept to a minimum.

On a whole its a decent tune its catchy and has a good beat to it but its not a groundbreaker for U2 its a safe song without too many risks taken and that is fair enough as it is for a charity after all so better to have something decent than something over-thought, over-produced and technically awful and this is none of those.

U2 should (I use the word should as opposed to will) have a new album out in 2014 and hopefully a tour to follow and as a friend (Mulls) said he thinks Invisible will sound epic live and if the band don’t muck about with it too much he may well be on the money and let’s hope he is. However there is those fans that think U2 could fart in a jar and they’d hold it up as a work of genius luckily I’m not one of them.

So there you have it from one of U2 and Bono’s biggest critics (Not that they care 😉 ) Invisible is a decent song and I hope everyone downloads it to give it a listen so go to iTunes and get it or go to http://www.red.org



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