Your Music, Your Choice and Your Stories

As many of you know I do some presenting as a hobby at 107.8 Black Diamond FM at the moment I do 4-7pm on Friday’s.
and then between 6 & 7pm UK Time I am doing a new segment called “My Top 10” and this is where YOU come in, I am looking for 10 songs from anyone who wants to take part so here’s the deal.
1. Send me your top 10 favourite songs it can be by one artist or ten separate artists and send it to me with a small story for each song on why you chose it….
2. All the songs must be “Radio Friendly” as in no swearing, sex or drug references… you know the sort of thing.
3. Send your list to
4. I will get in touch to let you know when your Top 10 will be on and I will give you a few days notice.
5. listen in to hear your favourite songs being played and tell everyone you know to listen in too.
6. Or even better if you can actually come to the studio all the better.

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