Radio Stuff

I’m hoping to keep blogging its a good way of releasing pent up nonsense.

A question I get asked often is “how long have you been doing radio for” and the answer is always the same its been since 2011 and the reaction I get from people is funny because they think I’ve been doing it for years (I wish).

I love doing the show I do at the moment its fast paced and suits my style of presenting I think and I love doing the “My Top 10” hour too its fun to find out what songs people love and why they love them and if it was all to stop tomorrow I’d be happy that I’ve done my best at it and have hopefully made someone happy.

Another question I get asked is “Why are you not doing radio as a paid career”? Well I can only answer this honestly and say I have not really tried hard enough to try to get into a station where I would earn money for it and a lot of that falls down to me obviously, the past year or so has been a nightmare some of the reasons I can’t divulge but other reasons are health as some may know, but one of the big factors is that i am just bloody awful at trying to put a demo together To
send out to stations because when I try to do a demo I sound awful and scripted whereas I prefer when doing a live show to have bits and pieces to talk about bit generally talk about whatever comes to mind, if I was to script a full 3 hour show I think personally it would come across as exactly that and to me I would sound false which is something I can’t do and I detest myself when I do sound false because  not being true to myself or the listener which I think is very important.

Now if someone would like to teach me how to do a demo without sounding like a prat then grand get in touch lol

For the meantime I’ll keep plugging away in the hope that someone somewhere might just be daft enough to employ me…… I have cheap rates ya know 😉

You can find me on Black Diamond FM Fridays 4-7pm UK Time on 107.8fm if you are in Midlothian or South Edinburgh or or via Tunein app


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