NHS ???

Before I start I would like to say i love the NHS I think the nurses and doctors are wonderful they are woefully underpaid understaffed and under pressure but they are tremendous…..
But today I was at St Johns hospital in Livingston for what I thought was surgery because on 23rd February this year I was told I had a form of skin cancer and needed a lump removed, this was said to me by a  Consultant on that day and he said I would be referred to St Johns for the surgery so when a letter appeared for me to go I assumed it was for the lump removal but NO I went to the hospital I was taken earlier than my appointment was for and the consultant there spoke to me and basically said everything the previous consultant had said, I was in and out in 5 minutes and I now have to wait anything up to six weeks for this bit of surgery.

As I say I love and am proud of our NHS but I found today a waste of time and resources and I now have more stress to deal with in the run up to the surgery.


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