Angry of Edinburgh…..

For a number of months my Wi-fi from Virgin Media was acting up it was intermittent on anything from Android phone to laptop and iPads and was bloody annoying.
After many phone calls, technician visits, hub changes and hub re-location it was finally sorted after I was finally listened to by a technician after I told him that a neighbour (who has now left) was hacking into my services (there is a box in my garden which houses wires etc )from Virgin and that I believed he had damaged something , I had already reported this to Virgin a couple of times but turns out had never been checked however the technician that actually listened to me went out checked it and indeed fixed the problem there and then and my wi-fi has been fine ever since.
I believe I was the unfortunate recipient of shoddy customer service from Virgin Media.

Which brings me to today’s point.

On 20th April my mobile phone (A Motorola Razr I) stopped working, the only way to access the homepage was pressing the camera button on the side of the phone, the wifi was mucking about and there were various other issues with it.
I contacted Virgin Mobile whom I have a contract with and let them know and also alerted them to the fact that this was the 2nd time in a year it had stopped working properly and had been repaired previously.
They sent me out a box and envelope to put it in so it could be sent for repair and I received a letter from Virgin Media with instructions on what to do etc, this letter also included a sentence which clearly states “if you haven’t received your repaired or replacement phone within 5 days give out team a call” now this says to me that I would receive my phone back OR a replacement phone within 5 days not 5 calendar days but 5 days.

I sent the phone on 23rd April and on looking at my account on it clearly stated “24/4/2014 we’ve received your mobile and repair is in progress” which was all fine and dandy however on the 5th day no phone had been sent to me repaired or otherwise so I called the number given, speaking to a person at Virgin I asked what was happening with my phone and was then passed to someone in the Technical department who then contacted someone else to find out what was happening.

When they came back to me they stated that there was a delay because the IMEI number did not match which I said was nonsense because the number on the letter and online matched and it turns out someone from Virgin had input the number wrong causing the delay, I said I wasn’t happy and got put through to someone who claimed to be a manager and he said there was a delay but the phone was fixed and was being sent out, however later in the conversation he said that the phone had just been ok’d for repair so a contradiction was there, I asked him if the call was being recorded and he said yes and after over 45 minutes on the phone I was put through to the cancellation department as I felt Virgin had failed on their part on several things, not contacting me to let me know there was an issue/delay, the “manager” not being truthful and also no phone within 5 days the call was ended with me being well and truly hacked off and that was on 29th April.

Today I called again to find out what was happening to again be told that there was a further delay because the technician could not fix the phone it was waiting to be sent to the manufacturer, this again made me angry because again they had failed to tell me there was another delay, I was them told that a replacement would be sent to me either Monday or Tuesday because and I quote “we don’t deliver anything at weekends” however I pointed out it was Thursday and not the weekend.

Once again I asked for a manager and was told that the phone had been sent to the manufacturer even though the previous person had said “it’s waiting to be sent to the manufacturer” I responded by saying that this was ridiculous and should have been sorted by now, the “manager” then started to say ” well when you get a phone from us online…” I cut him off and said “I got the phone physically from a Virgin Media store where I live” he then spluttered and coughed and started on some nonsense about it taking 4 working days to sort a phone. I then asked to be put through to someone who handles complaints and that I wanted to cancel the contract and I was put through to the cancellation team.

On speaking to someone on the cancellation team he said that although the letter stated “if you haven’t received a repaired or replacement phone call our team” etc etc he said I was mis-interpreting what that meant and that I should not take that as I will have a repaired or replaced phone in 5 days he says that it doesn’t state it’s guaranteed which I found ridiculous. I the asked for the contract to be cancelled due to all the above but this was refused, it seems that rubbish service, untruths, delays etc are all fine to do and it seems that none of the above are covered in the terms and conditions.
I had been with Virgin before but left to go to O2 but decided to give Virgin Mobile a second chance (a thing is sometimes believe in) but after this nonsense I think O2 will be getting my money once my Virgin contract finishes.

All in all I have spent over 100 minutes on a landline calling an 0845 number so my phone bill will be a cracker.

So to finish off I do not recommend Virgin Media or Mobile for certain aspects of customer service because there are some decent people I have dealt with at Virgin Media so it would be wrong to tar them all with the same brush however these episodes have left a bad taste with me.

I still have no phone and after calling them on Friday 16th May and Monday 19th May i was assured that I would have my phone delivered by Yodel Couriers on Monday 19th May, needless to say after waiting in most of the day nothing appeared and on calling Virgin Mobile again I was then told that my phone was being delivered by DPD couriers but it now turns out there is no record of any phone being sent out to me at all so a day (Which also happens to be my birthday) wasted waiting for a phone that was never sent.

The phone eventually arrived today (20th May) and the whole experience had been disgustingly ridiculous I have sent 3 emails and filled in their online form at least 3 times with no response they were also sent this blog, I have been treated very very badly by Virgin and I have been offered one months credit which I believe for all the trouble I have been through as well as the bad service and downright lies I have been told I believe I deserve better recompense than this.

My TV Broadband and Phone contract is up in one months time and I will certainly be looking to get rid of all Virgin Media products where possible as this whole experience has been a total disgrace.

I have since received this email tonight (20th May 7.30pm) “Dear Barry,

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Social Media Team and for clearing the account security. I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your replacement handset.

It’s disappointing to hear that we were unable to replace your handset, due to the original model being out of stock. Unfortunately, in these circumstances this can delay dispatching the replacement.

After having checked the account notes I can see that we offered to dispatch one of our low end handsets to you, so that you would have access to your calls and texts, whilst we arrange the replacement.

On a positive note my colleague on our Twitter feed has advised me that you have received the replacement handset. I also note that following your conversation with our team earlier today, a credit of £19.55 has been applied to your account. This is the equivalent to one month’s line rental.

You’ll shortly be able to check this credit by logging onto your online account. That’s also the place to monitor your balances, update your personal details and check your allowances.

I’d like to thank you for bringing this to our attention and if I can clarify things for you, then feel free to reply to my email. Alternatively, our teams are available 7 days a week on Twitter and Facebook.

Best Wishes,”

I have left the name out because it would be wrong of me to leave it in, basically I find that my emails have not been read properly or been taken seriously.


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