Operation Day

So I had my operation yesterday to have the cancerous lump removed and here is the story of my day.

Kerry and I dropped our son off at school then left to drive through to Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee hospital , we arrived about 45 minutes early so went for a coffee and chatted about the day ahead.

We went up to the Surgical Day Unit and so done met us and said to Kerry that only patients were allowed in the ward so we said our goodbyes and the nurse took Kerry’s phone number so that they could call her when I was out of theatre (I STILL don’t have my mobile back from Virgin..) and the nurse and I went through to the ward.
After about 20 minutes a nurse popped in and said I would be checked in and my Obs would be taken and I could then go and meet Kerry for a coffee or bite to eat because it would be a couple of hours before I was going into theatre, I left the ward and went to find Kerry but she was nowhere to be found and not having my phone with me (Thanks Virgin….not ) I also realised I did not have any money on me luckily I had my wallet with me and the shop had a cash machine so after purchasing a Crunchier, Quavers, bottle of coke and a Daily Ranger (the football folk among you will know what that is 😉 ) I went to a phone box and called Kerry’s mobile, it took 4 tries within 10 minutes because as we were in a hospital Kerry had her phone on silent.

We finally met up and went to the hospital canteen where I had the best Roast Chicken and Tatties ever and we chatted for a couple of hours, then at 1.30pm Kerry’s phone rang and it was time for me to go back to get ready for the operation.

I was taken to theatre and was taken through everything that was going to happen before, during and after the operation then was taken through for my op.

Lying on the table I suddenly felt very frightened (well even more than I had been) and just closed my eyes and listened to what was being said to me and the rest of the theatre staff by Miss Ling the surgeon, Miss Ling was brilliant she explained everything and made me feel so at ease and I will be forever grateful for that, however the thing I will never be grateful for was the “local anaesthetic” I have not been in that much pain for a long time bloody agony getting that injection but once the first one was over with I got another 3 and they were fine but the initial one was horrendous. Miss Ling then set about removing the lump and I was there for about 40 minutes but someone kept chatting to me asking if I was ok every 5 minutes or so, the good thing was that my eyes were covered so I couldn’t see a thing which was great.

Then the operation was finished and I had been stitched up and a dressing put on and that was it, however Miss Ling spoke to me again to make sure I understood that everything that was removed would be sent for analysis and depending on what they find I may need to go back for more surgery which she told me would happen AFTER our family holiday which I’m glad of, I returned to the ward and was then released not long after and we drove home, unfortunately the wound has leaked a couple of times and I’ve been told to keep an eye on it but all being well I will have the stitches out In a weeks time but for the moment I’m glad it’s over with BUT I may have to go for more surgery.

We were home for about 5pm and I just wanted to sit and chill for the rest of the day.

All the staff at the hospital were superb, their level of care was brilliant and they kept me calm and settled and I will forever be grateful to them all and this is why we have the greatest health service in the world because the nurses, doctors and surgeons we have are the best in the world and the NHS is something that is and should be envied around the world and we should all appreciate and support it whenever we can.

Also many many thanks to everyone who has been in touch about this all the messages and support Kerry and I have received has been very humbling and very much appreciated so thank you to each and every one of you for that.

So there you have it my day at hospital having bits removed.


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