Health Update…..

Hi all it seems all I write about is my health nowadays and it’s all making me look like a hypochondriac or attention seeker but believe me neither is true……
However in the very early hours of Monday morning I was rushed to the Royal Infirmary Hospital here in Edinburgh with severe chest and abdominal pains and had X-rays, bloods and other tests it turns out I have issues with my stomach and other parts and am now on medication for it. However I was whipped away for a surprise x-Ray and they have found a lesion 7cm by 5cm on my pelvic bone and I have been told I need an MRI scan and to expect it in the next couple of days. What with all this and waiting for test results on the lump removed last week things are really awful just now.

Which is why with immediate effect I will be stopping my radio shows and concentrate on my health until such times that Kerry and I find out what is going on, all that has happened to me over the past months health wise is THE most worrying things I have ever dealt with personally and anything I have been through personally over the years pale into insignificance.

This decision has not come easy as I love doing what I do but my health and family comes first and I’m sure you will all understand that.

Kind Regards



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