Scan day tomorrow

So I go for my MRI scan tomorrow and gotta say I’m not looking forward to it, I’ve had one before and it’s bloody horrible.

This scan is to find out what the elision is on my pelvic bone it apparently sizes up at 7cm by 5cm and they have no idea at this stage what it is but after tomorrow hopefully they will have an idea of what it is, I then go back on Thursday to see a consultant about the results.

What am I expecting?? No idea, Do I know what it is?? Nope, Am I scared of what it could be?? Yep big time.

And after everything I’ve been going through I’m really looking forward to my family holiday next week to France Kerry and I really need it that’s for sure.

So here’s hoping everything gets an all clear before I go on holiday because nothing at the moment is as important as this.


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