Scan done

So I had the MRI today and it seemed to go off without a hitch thank goodness because I hate those machines they are very claustrophobic.

Kerry came to the hospital with me and we had time to pop for a coffee before I went in. On arrival at the reception for it we were shown to a waiting area and we were there for about 10 minutes when a nurse appeared and asked me to follow her which I did, she took me to some changing cubicles and asked me to put a theatre gown on and she took my cd of music off me and went away.

My cd was made up of music from brilliant Scottish band Big Country, Depeche Mode and Muse and as it turned out I was very grateful for it because the noise from the scanner is brutal.
I then went into the room where the scan was to take place and was instructed to lie on the bed and was informed that halfway through the scan I would be getting an injection of Gadolinium (still no idea what it is) then I was put into the machine and the scanning started and sure enough after about 20 minutes I was injected with the aforementioned stuff.

After another 20 minutes or so of scanning it was over and I was allowed to get dressed and go home but not before I popped into the waiting room to see Kerry and her first reaction when she saw me in the gown was a very sarcastic “ooooh that’s sexy” I can always rely on Kerry to cheer me up.

So there we are the MRI scan is done I get the results hopefully on Thursday when I meet with the Consultant I am booked in with, and I should be getting any results from the lump that was removed the other week sometime soon.

To say I am going through the mill is an understatement this past while has been a nightmare of the highest order and has been the biggest test of me I have ever faced anything else is irrelevant at the moment but I want to thank everyone who has been in touch and supported me through all this and hopefully once all the crap I am going through is sorted and settled I can get round to personally thanking everyone face to face be it over lunch or a drink I thank you from my bottom….. I mean the bottom of my heart and no matter what the future holds I can go into it in the knowledge that I have the most amazing family and friends behind me every step of the way…..or maybe that’s the problem 😉


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