Scan Results? Not Quite

So had the Consultant today to discuss the results of the MRI I had on Tuesday and sadly the Radiologist had not reported the results yet so we are still in the dark as to whatever it is on my pelvic bone.
However the Consultant said that looking at the X-Rays there doesn’t seem to be anything sinister but he did say that until the MRI results were reported he couldn’t be 100% sure.

As we discussed what was next he said that he would get me in next Thursday but I said we would be in France then but he came out with a 3 word phrase that would normally be an insult but in the circumstances I took it in good heart when he said “Go To France” and he made an appointment for me for the 26th June at 11am, he then went on to say that depending what the results show I could get a biopsy taken for more analysis, but he did say if that doesn’t happen I will get another scan In 3 to 6 months to see if whatever it is changes.

So it hopefully looks good for that.


On returning home there was a letter waiting for me from the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow with a date and time for an appointment with the surgeon who done my nose a few weeks ago, after that surgery she said I may get called back through for more surgery if the analysis showed that there may still be cells where the lump was, unfortunately the date for it is when we are still on holiday so they have re-arranged for the 20th June.

Once again thanks for all the messages of support it’s very appreciated.



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