The Family Holiday 2014

So we have arrived back from our well deserved family holiday.
We travelled to Whitstable near Canterbury where we stayed overnight in a Travelodge, now we have stayed in Travelodges before and had many reasons to complain however this time everything was great and we spent some time in Whitstable that night before going to bed ready for our journey to France the following day.

We travelled to Dover in the morning our ferry was at 7.35am we had hoped to be put on the 6.40am ferry but it was not to be sadly, so after a crossing of 90 minutes we arrived in Calais and our 444 mile drive to Les Deux Fontaines in Brittany began, now those who remember last year will know that I had a blow out on the motorway and did not have a spare wheel and paid €325 for recovery and a new tyre luckily nothing happened this year, we arrived at the site at 6.30pm a journey including stop offs of 8 and a half hours.
The week was brilliant and special mentions go to Polly, Liam, Caeser, Caroline, Jessica and Declan the Eurocamp Couriers who were brilliant the whole week, Les Deux Fontaines in Brittany is a brilliant site to stay at and the towns and villages like Quimper, Concarneau, Pont-Aven and Trevignon are all worth a visit .

During the week stay however I had reservations about the journey back to Calais so we looked into booking a ferry home closer to Brittany and found Le Harve to Portsmouth for £74 although it was a 5 and a half hour ferry crossing, turns our it was a great trip back and the DFDS ferry was superb to travel on so much so we will be looking to travel with them again next year with any luck.
If you are looking for a great holiday then Brittany is a great place to go and Eurocamp was certainly a great company for us to book through they were brilliant from the moment I called to book all the way through to our arrival back home.

We are already planning our next adventure with Eurocamp and hopefully DFDS for next year…….you should too.



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