Journey’s End??…….Mibbie

This week i should get the results from my last operation and hopefully it confirms they have removed all the cancer cells and I can breathe.

However this past week has been one of the best for a long long time, I met on of my biggest idols Andy Bell from Erasure I have loved Erasure since about 1985 or thereabouts and have always been a consistent favourite so getting to meet him was amazing.

A TV legend was on my radio show Andy Gray who was Chancer in City Lights and was brilliant in Naked Video amongst other things and it was an absolute thrill to,have Andy as a guest, also radio legend Grant Stott was on the show too, we spoke about their play Kiss Me Honey Honey and chatted about loads of other things.

Also I had the great fortune to have the amazingly funny Patrick Monahan on my radio show for 2 hours and it was the best time I’ve had in a long time he is an amazing guy who just oozes fun and life, along with Patrick a gentleman by the name of James Freedman was with me he does an amazing show called Man Of Steal, James is a professional pickpocket and we had a great laugh when James pulled of some great stuff, also Lawrence Cowan was with us a cracking guy and a great laugh and Jackie Dow who I brought in as a surprise to Patrick as Jackie is A massive fan of Patricks and he was well shocked.

So even though there’s a chance I may need more surgery I have had an amazing week meeting so many awesome people and to them I say thank you.

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