Happy Days Seem To Be Here Again

Oh where to start? The last while has been a total nightmare at times for various reasons the most important one however was being diagnosed with skin cancer earlier this year and after two surgeries, lots of stressing, panicking and tears I finally got the news I had hoped for on Tuesday 2nd September at 4.51pm that I had no Cancer cells left and that I was clear from Cancer, I wanted to cry right there and then but luckily I didn’t as I probably would not have stopped.

To get the news that you have cancer is a devastating one but to get a call to say you have been given the all clear is an amazing feeling and I know one or two people who have had the same experience.
I’ve been quite lucky because doing radio shows I was able to talk about it so it gave me a release of,sorts when I was feeling very sorry for myself and the support from Kerry has been amazing she is one tough lady having to put up with me but she has been such a great support for me snapping me out of moods etc when needed and being a comforter for me and it’s something I will never be able to repay her for, and also Robyn, Blaine and Cobi the best kids a dad could have, also to Kerry’s family who have been great and my wee mum too.

Also during the Fringe Festival I went to quite a few shows and for brief times my mind was taken off what I was going through, I met so many wonderful people some who knew what I was going through others that didn’t but to each and every one of them I say thank you Aiden Goatley, Patrick Monahan, James Freedman, Andy Bell (30 years and I finally met this wonderful man) Robin Mitchell, Liam Rudden, Matt Robertson, Neil Henry, Abi Roberts, Grant Stott, Andy Gray, Lindsay Lee Wilson, Donna Hazelton, Eric Murdoch, Edward Croy, Philip Kingscott, Geoffrey The Giraffe, FAQ, Andrew Lawrence, The cast of Broken Dolls and Jim Davidson all of whom played a part in making me forget my problems for a while all wonderful people (And animal) I’ll never be able to repay you lot for keeping my spirits up.

And everyone who has been in touch with messages of support, love and abuse ( Gibbo and Gaz Punk I expected nothing less x ) thank you so very much it is wonderful to know that there are so many fantastic people out there who care so much for an idiot 😉

Also thanks to Dr Liem and the staff at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank a wonderful bunch of people who put me at ease everytime I was there.

So in the meantime Kerry and i are signed up to run a 5k in October to raise funds for Cancer Research UK as we feel we need to give something back, we have never done anything like this before and are following a training plan but we are also looking for donations and if you can spare a pound or two that would be awesome if not no problem you can find the information here: https://www.justgiving.com/basherdickson/ and here https://www.justgiving.com/kerrydickson/

Friday 5th September saw me do a live on air charity auction on Black Diamond FM for Cancer Research UK and it raised a total of £235 which was a great effort for 3 hours a massive thanks to the people who donated items and a huge thanks to the people who bought them.

So what’s next then?? Who knows but what I do know is that I will hopefully do the things I want to do now without a cloud over me and I hope everything stays in the positive for me and my family, friends and those I’ve yet to annoy…..I mean meet.

Thank You All



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