U2 Songs of Innocence Review

Ok so 5 years is a while between albums and 2009’s No Line on the Horizon was an album that had me loving it from the first listen I still rate it as one of U2’s best even though the band themselves gave up on it.

The new album Songs of Innocence dropped on ITunes immediately after Apple launched their new Iphone6 and there was a major scramble to get it and at times the iTunes site was down probably to sheer volume of traffic I managed to get the album at the first attempt and on first listen I really was not overly impressed, I will stress right here and now I’m Not a “U2 can do no wrong” person I call U2 as I see them and this upsets a lot of the die hard fans who always take it personally when someone criticises the band which is a thing I hate but anyway back to the album.this review is done in my own humble opinion and will not be forced down people’s throats as it seems if you don’t like the album you get forced into liking it which is wrong.

Every Breaking Wave seems to me to be something leftover from Coldplay sessions and Chris Martin has thrown it to U2 to use.

Iris (Hold me Close) Is a decent song a good beat and plenty of Adam Clayton pulsating bass which is a great thing in my opinion.

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) this is the song U2 played live at the Apple event and it seems to be something left over from 2005’s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb again a decent beat on it and I can see the Zootops (Nickname for U2 fans) bouncing about to this live.

California: (There is no end to Love) The start begins with a bell tolling and then pops into what sounds like an electric cello very similar to Swansway’s Soul Train before bursting into life, this tune again is decent enough the woah woah woah’s have been stolen from Katy Perry by the sounds of it.

Song for Someone I think would be good as an acoustic track live a’la Stay (Faraway so Close) quite a mellow track.

Volcano: Bursts open with Adam’s bass and Larry’s pounding drums Edge is in the background guitar wise, I think they could have done without the synthesiser and just left it as a rock song, should be a cracker live.

Raised by Wolves: Opening vocal noises taken from Depeche Mode in the 80’s think Blasphemous Rumours, builds up to a decent tune, harks back to Boy/October for me.

Cedarwood Road: One of the best tunes on the album for me this is U2 at their rocking best in my opinion a ball buster of a song.

Sleep like a baby Tonight: Reminiscent of very dark Depeche Mode which is when DM are at their best I would love to hear Dave Gahan sing this or possible Martin L Gore.

This is where you can reach me Now: Decent tune build up is too long for me but fairly decent regardless, can see this being an anthem at live gigs.

The Troubles: Female voice at the beginning very Lorde like, slight speeded up version of One soundwise not a bad tune at all.

All in all a decent album not one that has kicked me in the nuts and thrown me round the room like No Line did but a decent effort and let’s face it it’ll come down to one major thing meeting some of my best friends at the gigs to hear these tunes live hopefully it’s one of those albums that translates brilliantly live.

If you love it great, if you don’t I see where you are coming from.

And of course I will be playing a tune or 3 on my shows this Friday and Saturday.



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