The Referendum is Tomorrow my final thoughts on it.

I’ve genuinely been trying to stay away from the referendum stuff over the past few days but it’s nigh on impossible especially with the amount of lies being told so here is my thoughts before tomorrow, remember though I voted 2 weeks ago through a postal ballot so:

1. Does Scotland want to stay with a parliament that has created illegal wars?

2. Does Scotland want to stay with a parliament that gave us the Poll tax, Bedroom Tax and ATOS

3. Does Scotland want to remain with a Parliament that gives back a lot less than is put into it

4. Can people really be listening to Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling the 2 people who were in charge of the nation when the recession hit and let the bankers kill our economy

5. Why has Scotland stood by and let all these English people come up here and dictate to the Scottish people how they should vote and remember most of them were privately educated and come from wealthy and privileged background

6.Why have the press especially the Scottish press been allowed to have been manipulated by MP’s and businesses from all sides when all press are supposed to be impartial in all of this

7. Ed Miliband only wants Scotland to stay part of the UK because he knows Independence for Scotland will never see him gain the keys to 10 Downing Street.

8. David Cameron only wants Scotland to stay as part of the UK because he does not want to be the Prime Minister who lost Scotland.

9 All Scottish MP’s in Westminster are crapping themselves because they will be punted out if Scotland gains Independence therefore losing all their comforts including screwing their expenses

10. Would Scotland rather run their own affairs or still be dictated to by Westminster and a mass majority of MP’s who really couldn’t care less about Scotland.

There’s plenty more to think about but tomorrow is THE biggest day in our country’s life for many a year and whether you are YES, NO or Don’t Know use the vote you gave been given because let’s face it all we do is put an X in a box with no gunmen or dictators forcing us what to vote, and when the result is announced everyone no matter what side you are on needs to take the result on the chin because no matter what Friday 19th September will be a massive change no matter what the result.

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