It’s been a long journey but…..

I’ve had a rough time as anyone who knows me or has read my blogs will know, I felt that I had been to hell and back for a long time due to some factors in my life one of which was the whole skin cancer thing which I am still so grateful to Dr Liem and her team at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow for getting rid of it for me via a couple of operations.

Since then Kerry and I set about fundraising for Cancer Research UK and ran a 5k after 8 weeks training and we recently ran a 5k for Movember and right now life is pretty good and I hope it stays that way.

This coming weekend I am off to Dublin for a few days and I don’t mind saying that after all the crap I have been through I think I deserve this trip to a place I love very much and the fact I am going to see some great friends is a bigger plus people like Keith Geraghty, Brian Lynam, Suzie Marshall, Danny Murray, Carol Foster, Mark Leddy, Tim Bolland, Marie Kelly and Gary Sullivan I am looking forward to spending time with these folk again.

When I come back I will have a few days to recover then will be going to see one of my all time favourite musical acts Erasure at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh my home town, they really are musical heroes of mine and have been since 1986 or so when Wonderland was released I have seen them a few times but in recent years due to things happening in my life I’ve not seen them live for a while although seeing Andy Bell in Torsten the Bareback Saint during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe was awesome. Kerry and I bought our daughter Robyn a ticket for her 20th birthday ( yes I have a 20 year old daughter) on 11th November and she seems very excited about it which I am glad about.

What’s next for me well I’m hoping to grab an interview with the aforementioned band but I think it’s unlikely but not to worry seeing them live again will round off a pretty good few months for me and seeing Erasure live again will be a celebration.

Also I really need to look at maybe getting a job in radio so I really need to start getting that side of my life together even though I’m probably too old now and have missed that ship.

But once again a huge thanks to everyone who helped see me through some of the darkest times I have had to deal with and I will never ever forget the messages of support and love and also the help to fundraise for Cancer Research UK where we all raised a brilliant £1570 or thereabouts a massive pat on the back for you all from Kerry and I for that.



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