Tonight was supposed to be a celebration…..

So tonight (November 20th 2014) I am supposed to be at The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh to see the brilliant Erasure.

After the past 20 months of awfulness for my family and I for a multitude of things tonight was going to be the night Kerry and I celebrated getting through it all fit healthy and our heads held up…….. Alas it was not to be.

At the weekend I was in Dublin with my great friends Suzie, Marie and Carol and I went to see the superb Friends of Emmet and caught up with Keith, Brian and Mark from the band as well as meeting up with Ash and a surprise visit from Peter. And while I was with Marie, Carol and Suzie I reminisced with them about 2009 when I was medically let go from my job driving buses due to mental health issues and we spoke about how my friends all rallied round and bought me my ticket for U2 at Croke Park for my 40th birthday and it’s something I will never ever forget nor be able to repay properly and that is a side of U2 that people don’t see is that some of their fans ( they all know who they are) are the greatest friends in the world.

Fast forward to now and we have been through some tough stuff and the support and love from friends old and new has been amazing but as I say tonight was to be a celebration of getting through it all and look to the future BUT……

I have been struck down with a throat and chest infection and am now on more medication and have had to miss out on a gig I was really looking forward to by Erasure because their new album is one of the best I have ever heard by anybody and it makes me happy everytime I play it and to miss out on the tour breaks my heart, however Kerry and Robyn are there and I gave my ticket to the beautiful “Disney Dave” David Taylor who I know 100% will love it and he has told me he will scream so much it will be as if I am there.

So I’m not there but I did get a lovely message from Andy Bell from Erasure which said “@AndyBell_info: @radiobasher get well soon matey x ” and although I am heartbroken not to be there I am really humbled to get that message from Andy he did not have to do that but it goes to show that even the famous can be human too and for that I thank Andy from the bottom of my heart and all I can say is hurry back to Edinburgh Andy and Vince because next time come hell or high water I will be there.




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