The Radio Road Ends on December 31st.

So I’ve been doing radio since 2011 and its been an ambition of mine to do so since I was young and finally got the chance.
However I am giving it up for a multitude of reasons some I can share others I can’t sadly (well not yet anyway 😉).

I’ve had a year full of ups and downs mainly downs for various reasons most of them you all know of, and its made me step back and take stock of my life so far and I’ve realised that I need to do more with and for Kerry and the family which I fully intend to do.

As for radio well what can I say I’ve loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it however over the past few months I’ve not been enjoying it and I’ve decided to stop doing radio, this is no slight on Black Diamond FM its a great station with great people and I highly recommend anyone wanting to do radio to start there.

I will be doing shows on 12th December ( 11pm-3am) 13th December (8pm-10pm) 19th December (3pm-6pm) 20th December (8pm-10pm) 27th December (8pm-10pm) and my final ever show will be on Hogmanay (New Years Eve) 6pm-8pm

Back in 2011 I’d have never dreamt of the stuff I would do radio-wise over the 3 years since I went to college and I still can’t believe the things I got to do from meeting and interviewing Holly (Norman Lovett) from one of my favourite all time comedy shows Red Dwarf to interviewing Tony Butler, Bruce and Jamie Watson from Big Country and Mike Peters from The Alarm the list of people is fair sized and still amazes me when I look back on it and it was a complete pleasure chatting/interviewing:
Robin Mitchell, Lindsay Lee Wilson, Eric Murdoch from Princess Pumpalot
Liam Rudden
James Freedman
Patrick Monaghan
Aiden Goatley
Dougray Scott
Grant Stott
Andy Gray
Abi Roberts
Danny Ward
Caroline Rhea
Neil Henry
The Cast of The Curse Of Elizabeth Faulkner

But also the musical artists who I played or interviewed over the years a few chosen ones are:
Caroline Gilmour
Douglas Kay
Both Barrels
Les Marrionettes/The Carnival Brothers
Sophie De Battista
Ollie Banks
6th Avenue Traffic
Little Love and the Friendly Vibe
The Asps
Andrew Love

And so many many more my thanks to you all for letting this eejit play your music.

Special mention though really goes to the boys from Friends of Emmet Keith Geraghty, Brian Lynam, Mark Leddy, Tim Bolland and Gary O’Sullivan who are just superb and I luckily have as great friends.

And a massive mention to the gabby glittery Lesley Ross at Hard Rock Cafe in George Street a total star who was always there for a chat and a coffee x

However THE biggest thrill for me personally was when I met Andy Bell from Erasure while he was doing his show Torsten The Bareback Saint during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, this is a man who’s music with Vince Clarke brought me much pleasure and happiness for many many years and to get the chance to meet and chat to Andy made everything I have done radio-wise all worth it just a pity I was ill the night I was supposed to see Erasure in Edinburgh back in November. However I believe Torsten is going on tour and a second part is in the works and if Barney Ashton is looking for someone to play “man on pavement” or “man standing still” I’m available 😉

Am I sad to have come to this decision yes very, however I think it’s the right one I have plans for 2015 and will approach them knowing that I had a great few years doing something that was a dream that became a reality and I say to anyone reading this that if you have a dream follow it because just maybe it will happen for you the way it happened to me.

Lastly I want to thank everyone for the support over the years all you who listened to the shows or gave advice (Colin Kelly, John Collins, Mark Martin, Scott Wilson) without you lot is have slavered all the nonsense I did to no-one but myself, also everyone at Black Diamond FM thanks for a great couple of years and having the faith in me to let me loose on your studio and hopefully the stations reputation is intact 😜 if I have missed people out please do not take offence.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and that 2015 is a belter for you all.

Barry, Kerry and The Kids 😃


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