A New Year Begins

imageSo it’s 2015 and 2014 has gone thankfully as it was one of the worst years I have had, it did have its good points but had plenty bad points to.

The good points were: Beating Skin Cancer, meeting Andy Bell and Barney Ashton Bullock, Patrick J Monaghan, Aiden Goatley, James Freedman, Andy Gray and Grant Stott, The cast of Princess Pumpalot, Liam Rudden and Matt Robertson and many other brilliant things. The negatives well bugger them they are away now and will hopefully stay away.

Other highs were running a couple of 5k’s with Kerry and having help from some brilliant people in raising nearly £1,600 for Cancer Research UK I am very proud of every single person who donated and can’t express properly the thanks for it and find the help and support in getting me through a very tough year.

As for radio well I’ve now given that up and I’ll be spending much more time with Kerry and the kids we will hopefully do much more as a family this year.

Goals for 2015 is to get a new job and do get out and do more with the family.

One of the biggest decisions I have made apart from quitting radio is to come away from social media especially Facebook and Twitter and both are deactivated now although I didn’t manage to delete some groups of pages I started but I’m sure with a lack of input they will fade into oblivion.

I would like to wish anyone that reads this a very happy and prosperous 2015 from Kerry, The Kids and Me.


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