Je Suis Charlie

I sat in shock glued to the television as news flooded in of the horrific attack on the headquarters of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the reason being that my family and I have been to Paris many times over the years and been to France many many times and are booked to be in France this year staying somewhere just 90 minutes from Paris.

What happened yesterday was horrific, disgusting and disturbing and breaks my heart because we love France and Paris and to see this happen was just unbelievable and to hear how these poor people were executed (I refuse to say killed because they were executed in cold blood) was nothing less than sickening.
The footage of the policeman being executed in cold blood on the street was horrific and showed the world that these terrorists are nothing but animals.

These kinds of attack are happening more frequently across the world and done in the name of a certain religion but in this day and age of not saying it out loud incase of offending anyone the media seem to be playing this down massively however after what the gunmen shouted it should be taken very seriously. This sort of thing has been warned about for a very long time and yet nothing gets done in fear of upsetting people and it is a disgrace.

As I write this I am watching one of the 24 hour news channels and there has been another shooting in Southern Paris this morning 2 police officers injured one is critical and also an explosion in a kebab shop in France.

Today is a national day of mourning in France and there will be a silence held for the victims of yesterday’s disgusting attack, I hope that these animals are caught and that the Country and especially the city we as a family have very close to our hearts can get some sort of justice and some peace.



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