Facebook and Twitter are no more.

imageThis time 7 days ago I gave up Facebook and Twitter and I’m not missing it one bit it has given me back more time to spend with my wife and kids and has been a great thing.

I also stopped doing radio too and while a lot of people have been in touch about it all I am not feeling that I need to go back to it because all my focus now can be on finding a new job and spending more time doing things I want to do. Saturday night’s are now family movie nights and we all get cuddled up on the couch with popcorn and sweets and watch a movie together, also Friday’s I have Blaine and Cobi to entertain ha ha.
Before I came off radio, Facebook and Twitter I left my email address ( barryd69@hotmail.com) and phone numbers up for the few days before I came off it all and I’ve had a few messages from folk which is always welcome.

If I manage to secure a new job then Kerry and I have agreed I would re-evaluate everything and make a return to radio but at the moment that’s highly unlikely.


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