Life Update.

Well it’s nearly the middle of January and I’m sitting writing this while listening to U2’s Songs Of Innocence album which I’ve not listened to for a couple of months and it’s come alive for me again and is a damned decent album if people are willing to put all the bullshit about the Apple upload and any personal hatred they have for U2 ( Well let’s face it, it’s Bono people hate and I can see why) it’s a wonderful piece of music.

I keeping up my running and tonight was out with Kerry and the group I run with on a Monday night as we have decided to run on Wednesdays too which is pretty cool. I have sons 5k’s and 10k’s earmarked for this year and there’s been chat about taking part in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon but not doing the whole thing as that would be dumb but they have a team relay where 4 people split the 26 miles between them and I’m up for that.

I’m still looking for a new job and hope to have one soon.


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