What an idiotic world we live in.

Sexism, Political Correctness, Racism, Homophobia all these words nowadays are used too much and too often for the most part.

Today’s “scandal” is an Australian announcer asking a female tennis player to “give us a twirl” how in hell is that sexist?? I would say that if nothing else it would boost the young lady’s self esteem and she even said herself she thought it was funny.

Now there’s also been a massive fuss over page 3 too and here’s my opinion (which i believe in a supposed freedom of speech country I’m allowed) I see no harm in it I do not believe it makes people into sexual predators I don’t believe it makes men rape women I believe if nothing else it empowers women and basically no-one should dictate otherwise. No-one is forcing anyone to buy the paper.

The trouble with today’s world is that too many petty people are listened to and too many people look to be offended nowadays and to me it is disgraceful when you can’t say what you think without someone looking to get you arrested for it.

As for this so called freedom of speech/expression I do not believe that such a thing exists in this country I believe it’s a case of “You can have freedom of speech but only if it doesn’t differ from the PC Goody Goody Bleeding Heart Brigades View”.

The world has gone soft and people’s skin is so thin nowadays I’m surprised I don’t see more folk walking about with their bones sticking out in the open so I say to everyone GET A GRIP.


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