a blog on the issues in Calais on Tuesday 

Ok so returning from holiday in France on Tuesday we left our camp at 9.30am for what should have been a relatively easy 2 and a half to 3 hour drive to the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais…. 
What we didn’t know was that the Ferry workers in Calais were on strike and that there were massive hold ups in Calais around the Eurotunnel and Ferry terminals.
We reached Calais and were met with a massive traffic jam because the striking ferry staff had put piles of burning tyres at the exits for the terminals and had therefore blocked our exits to where we needed to go, and then all we could see were lots and lots of people on the motorway and hard shoulder trying the back doors of lorries and we realised that this was the folk we had seen on the news and read stories about in the papers THIS was the immigrants that we have all been warned about over the past few years THIS was the people who are trying to get to Britain THIS had now become VERY REAL.
I locked the car doors, got everyone to put their windows up and everyone was told to stay calm, however these people couldn’t have cared less about US they never tried to get in our vehicle or any other car that we could see they were only trying to get into lorries or in some cases under them.
We saw women, children, teenagers and grown men all trying doors to try and get into the trucks and here is where the British ( mainly English) media I believe have blown everything out of proportion.
The French police were out in force with cs spray and batons moving them all out of the way and getting them off the motorway so the media etc were not telling the truth there, also we saw truck drivers getting out their vehicles when they realised what was going on and the people scattered when the drivers approached.
I will make this very clear we were in this jam for around 3 hours or maybe more and we did not see any machetes, knives or any kind of weapon, we never saw any violence from the immigrants or any aggression whatsoever the media once again seem to have whipped up ridiculous reports regarding this.
What we did notice however was that the vast majority of the people were clean, decently dressed, had decent mobile phones and looked as if they were fit and healthy and not the dirty, stinking, trampy violent animals that the media etc are portraying them to be, at no time did we feel threatened or in danger and we all agreed it added to our holiday experience.
I firmly believe that more needs done to stop the illegal entry into Britain I firmly believe that the British, Italian and French governments need to do more to sort the problem out and I believe Britain needs to tighten its borders without a doubt. However I also believe that the media and certain sections of politicians are stirring up false stories/information about these people who are trying to get to Britain in search for an alleged “better life” so there you have it we were right in the middle of it for several hours our train home was delayed by several hours but we didn’t complain or moan because there would be no point, we did however get first hand experience of the issue in Calais and know that the Police and Security have a massive task but it’s not helped with this “bogey man” stories from a media who seem hell bent on whipping up a racial frenzy, and I know because I was there.


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