Update on 47 for 47

Another one done today 😃
So after the past couple of years of being put through the mill I decided that as this year will be my 47th birthday I am going to attempt 47 things by the end of 2016. If I do them great if I don’t then at least I’ll have tried.
There are things I’d love to do like go to New York and Australia but that is not doable at the moment so here you are my 47 for 47 and they are in no particular order smile emoticon Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
1.Tubing at Hillend Ski Slope
2. Ears pierced……..DONE 😂
3. Go on the London Eye
4. Conquer a fear
5. Get a Tattoo
6. Revisit Cramond Island (long story)
7. Do 5 Random Acts Of Kindness (so far I’ve jump started a car for a stranger, helped a cyclist who had crashed their bike, helped a charity shop worker to delete pics from an iPhone they were selling and helped a woman who was lost find her way to hospital)
8. Do a flying fox/zip line but a large scary one ha ha
9. Do the Great Edinburgh 10 Mile Run
10. Guest Appearance in Princess Pumpalot ( Liam Rudden Robin Mitchell Lindsey Lee Wilson)
11. Do some volunteer work
12. Abseil for Charity
13. Do a singing video in drag
14. Get on tv
15. Do 2 weeks of 80’s music on my radio show…….. DONE 😃
16. Get hair dyed
17. Go on stage and sing with The Skababs ( David Gillan)
18. Go on a helicopter flight 
19. Run the Edinburgh Kilomathon (13.1 kilometres)
20. Try 10 new foods
21. Visit Dublin
22. See Torston The Beautiful Libertine in London( Barney Ashton-Bullock Andy Bell Christopher Frost)
23. Run across Forth Road Bridge and back
24. Do Foxfall session at Fox Lake http://youtu.be/IAq8Gkedmus
25. Visit Anne and Bill in Cardiff
26. Sing on the Radio
27. Interview someone famous 
28. Go and see I Ran With The Gang
29. Bake a Cake
30. Read 6 Books (I’m terrible for not reading)
31. Go Zorbing
32. Explore More Of Edinburgh
33. Have our Family Holiday
34. Blog a lot more
35. Start Donating Blood Again
36. Cook a Meal For A Relative (Not Kerry or the Kids)
37. Send a Message In a Bottle
38. Learn to do a card trick ( Neil Henry 😀)
39. Video myself telling a joke and post it on Facebook……… DONE smile emoticon
40. Take Part In a Food Challenge
41. Go to at Least One Gig by THAT Band With My Zoo Mates
42. Sit In On First Ministers Questions At Holyrood
43. Visit Rankins Cafe In North Queensferry
44. Run Round Arthur’s Seat Both Ways In One Run
45. Go to a 6 Nations Rugby Match
46. Run a Race in a Different City/Town other than Edinburgh
47. Run Round Arthur’s Seat in Under 30 Minutes.
So there you go my 47 things to do this year, I will video/record as much as I can and the first thing will appear soon.
Anyone unsure about number 24 watch the video below 😂😂😂


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