Capital Sci-Fi Con 2016

So Dr Who, Ursula from The Little Mermaid and The Riddler walk into a room……. This isn’t a joke this actually happened….

I’ve never considered myself as “a geek” or “a nerd” but this past weekend brought both out in me and the family as we visited our first even Convention featuring Movies, Sci-Fi and Comics and we had the best time.

A bit of background here is that Kerry (My Wife for those who don’t know) works at the Disney Store in the Gyle Centre Edinburgh and she called me up,one day to say “bring Cobi up to my work there are Star Wars characters wandering about, so obviously I was up there to see what was going on and found Wookies, X-Wing pilots and more outside the store, turns out they were advertising this event so we went home and booked tickets for us all.

The event was superb it ran over 2 days at Meadowbank Sports Centre (for those who know me it was my place of work for 11 years) and we enjoyed every second we were there, we met so many lovely people the costumes were great we met THE original Darth Vader (Dave Prowse) and Cobi’s weekend was made by meeting The Numbertaker from a show called Numberjacks which he loves. There were stalls selling merchandise which was really inexpensive which came as a big surprise and plenty photo opportunities.

The big highlight of the weekend was the Cosplay competition which was brilliant everyone had put so much effort into it all and it was spectacular. 

One massive thing that needs to be mentioned is that every single penny raised is going to a charity called CHAS (Children’s Hospice  Association Scotland) and on typing this they had raised £25,000 which is Unbelieveable for a first time event and all this was the brainchild of Keith Armour who Kerry had me a few times albeit he was dressed as a Wookie, Keith put on an amazing event and deserves all the plaudits going as do all the participants, volunteer’s etc.

I managed a quick word with Keith and put the idea forward that I could broadcast LIVE from next year’s event so fingers crossed for that.

Now I’m off to start designing my costume for next year 😀 



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