Very rough week 

So one of my “47 for 47” was to blog more so here goes….

A week past Saturday I was feeling a bit crap sore throat etc but continued on as normal but found myself struggling as the week went on.

I had an appointment for the doctors made because when I was running I was getting severe burning sensation in my chest it turns out that the cartlidge in my ribs is inflamed so I’ve been banned from running from my doctor for 2 weeks at least and with a half marathon coming up that’s not the best news.

I mentioned to the doctor I wasn’t feeling too good and after examination it turns out I’ve been carrying a chest and throat infection which I was given anti biotics for but turned out I was allergic to them when I discovered my heart was trying to leave my body and my face and neck were bright red so was given other anti biotics.

Then on Sunday my legs gave way a few times my hips, lower back,and thighs were hurting like mad so after a call to NHS 24 I was given an appointment at the Western General Hospital it turns out that with the throat and chest infection I had also been hit hard with some other virus and this was causing more problems.

Happily i am a lot better and happily called my work to say I’d be back tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd August) but the past 2 days I’ve been Zombied, lying sleeping or just lounging about.


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