I Ran With The Gang Review

I went to Le Monde with my wife Kerry to see this show which is the story of The Origional Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir and was treated to a great hour of nostalgia given that I am old enough (Just 😉) to remember Rollermania.

In this hour long show we are given the story of how an Edinburgh plumber started one of THE biggest bands in Scottish music with the young Alan played brilliantly by Stephen Arthur it takes us through the roots of the band, the success, the break up and the reunion with many snippets of Rollers songs mixed with dialogue we learn a lot about the band.

Stephen Humpage plays a few rolls in this production including Les McKeown and has the audience in laughter a few times, and also has a great singing voice but more on that soon.

John McColl plays a few parts too including ex manager Tam Paton and actually plays the part convincingly.

The finale to the show sees Alan Longmuir join the cast for a good old singalong of Rollers hits and the crowd are on their feet singing and dancing which was wonderful to see and the last ten minutes is a Q&A with Alan which i think is a nice touch.

For the singalong Stephen Humpage tales the lead and can fairly belt out a tune and had the crowd Rocking and Rolling in the aisles.

A great night of nostalgic fun I Ran With The Gang gets a well deserve 5***** from me.
Barry Dickson.


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