2016 Shit for Some…Awesome for Me.

So 2016 eh… Many many people have said what a shit year it’s been and in a way yes it has been I’ve seen so many childhood heroes pass away this year and to those I say thank you for giving me awesome memories.
However 2016 has turned out to be an incredibly great year for me personally, I have achieved so much along with Kerry Dickson and my kids we got up to all sorts this year.
In March Kerry and I were in London to see Andy Bell Ivan Gifford in the 2nd Torsten show and it was epic and afterwards we got pictures with Andy and Barney Ashton-Bullock and spent a great couple of days discovering London with memories we will never ever forget and I thank Barney and Andy for it.
I also had some great times doing radio including having Robin Mitchell Aiden Goatley, Liam Rudden Alan Longmuir in the studio and phone chats live on air with Neil Henry (still slayed me that one) David Paton from the band Pilot and many others mostly thanks to Alan Stuart Dingsdale for setting a lot of them up, and also getting together with Patrick Monahan, Abi Roberts Charlie Abrahamson and Neil Henry, and a few more during the Edinburgh Fringe.
I went on my first ever helicopter flight, went Aqua Zorbing, started Kickboxing classes, ran the Scottish Half Marathin, the Kilomathon, The Great Edinburgh Run, and Men’s Edinburgh 10k, I also abseiled off the Forth Rail Bridge (thanks to my brother George Dickson for letting me know about that one), we went on an awesome family summer holiday to France with Brenda Mcphillips , Al McPhillips, Ross McPhillips .
Made some great new friends Simon Skinner Mark Shelter Bebb oh and not forgetting Jonathan Grant 😂
I also voted for the bus wanker party thanks to Andrew Love

We also went to Meadowbank to the Sci-Fi Con 2016 and from that Cobi made friends with Jimmy Vee Dave Prowse and Ross Mullen meanwhile I had Keith Armour Scott Harwood and Falgun Thaker in the studio for mega chats and music but never did find out about Keith’s Star Wars room…. 2017 sees the event returning and YOU should go it’s bloody awesome.
We done so much this year and are looking forward to doing more and more in 2017 and I really hope every single one of you go out and live your life to the fullest next year because we only have one life so live it bloody well.
All the best to you all from Kerry, Robyn, Blaine, Cobi and myself.


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