Capital Sci-Fi Con 2017

Last year the family and I visited Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh for our first ever Comic Con and we had a brilliant time, so we booked tickets for this years and once again an Immense event once again happened.

People think that these sort of events are only for people who are “nerds” or “geeks” but nothing could be further from the truth as there are people from all walks of life here.

One of the most outstanding things from last year was that the event raised over £37,000 for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and this year all proceeds are going to them again which in itself is a marvellous gesture.

This weekends event was really busy with well over 6,000 visitors and plenty dressed up as their favourite characters and here is where people can feel free and comfortable to dress up no matter age, size, sex etc and the only time they will be judged by anyone is during the fantastic Cosplay competition which once again was great fun and absolutely stunning.

And with special guests like Hannah Spearitt, Spencer Wilding (Darth Vader) , Mark Silk, Nathalie Cuzner, Jon Davey and many more there were plenty opportunities for photos and autographs.

Everyone who “works” at the event does so voluntarily and I tip my hat to them as some were running on 9 hours sleep in 3 days and they all deserve any and all praise for their hard work and dedication. Special nods to Keith Armour, Scott Harwood, Falgun Thaker, Des O’Gorman and Rik Carranza.

Anything that makes my children happy is fine by me and this event certainly brings a massive smile to their faces.

So hopefully the organisers will get a well deserved rest but secretly I hope they are planning 2018’s event already 😜 (Although I reckon they’ll be out to smack me one for that 😂)

Well done to all.


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